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Orchard View by the Mississippi’s strategy to COVID-19

April 17, 2020


The Management team at Orchard View by the Mississippi has been working diligently with Public Health and community partners to stay abreast of the current status of CoVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) within our area.

Confirmed cases have been identified in Mississippi Mills and within other Senior Homes in Ottawa and surrounding areas. With the extensive network of our Management team, we are receiving the information first hand. Daily conference calls with either Public Health, ORCA (Ontario Retirement Communities Association) and RHRA (Retirement Home Regulator Authority) we are aware of the impact it is having on our older adults.  
Here are a few additional measures that we have taken to ensure that our staff and residents are safe: 


  •  Temperature checks at the beginning and end of shift;  A heightened temp is one of the first signs. 

  • Outside clothes are left in the staff room and not taken through the building.
  • Hand sanitizing and washing is completed after each interaction.
  • Staff do not come to work with any ailments. No exceptions.
  • Jewelry has been recommended to be removed.
  • Additional staff have been brought in to sanitize all surfaces multiple times a day.
  • Weekly staff meetings to review best practices, expectations and for them to ask questions.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is being provided when required.
  • Encouraging staff to take care of themselves so that we all come out of this healthy and well.
  • Onsite suites and trailers are being provided to those staff that feel safer at Orchard View.
  • Grocery pick up and delivery options are provided.


  • Temperatures are being checked twice a day for all residents to help with early detection.
  • Wellness checks are being completed during nourishment breaks at 10am and 7pm.
  • Meals are provided in suite for most residents. Others that require supervision or support come to dining room, seated 1 per table and different seatings to accommodate everyone.
  • Xs have been marked in atrium, bistro and other common areas to help to identify where 6ft is.
  • Recreation activities have been limited/divided to ensure that gatherings are less than 5 in a close proximity.
  • Any residents showing signs of ANY aliments are being isolated.
  • Residents’ laundry is being done based on guidelines from WHO.
  • All deliveries are being sanitized prior to being brought into the home. 


A concern was raised that we are not doing enough to enforce social distancing. We are reinforcing the recommendations of 6′ apart as noted with the Xs throughout the building to give visual cues.  We are encouraging our residents and staff to use common sense and expect them as adults to follow the expectations of Public Health just as you are. We are presented with a unique challenge with those that have dementia or cognitive impairments. The staff are diligently working with the residents to ensure proper hand hygiene and distancing is followed as possible.  

We are doing our very best at being proactive and making sure that we are doing everything we can do for the safety of everyone that Orchard View touches. Trying to find the balance between physical distance and mental health is tricky. Without your presence we are doing our best to be their extended family. 

In the event that an outbreak of any kind is declared at Orchard View, we WILL notify you as soon as we receive the information. 

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Care, Michael Doucett, at 613-963-5000 ext 467 or via email at

Thank you for your help in maintaining the safety of those that call Orchard View by the Mississippi their home.

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