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How to keep your Senior family member engaged during the isolation

May 5, 2020

Times like this make us think and act differently. We have to find new ways to contact with each other; Ask new questions, share fun stories, goals, and laughter.  No matter what age you are, we all need a little extra love and attention while we are isolated from our immediate family. The residents of Orchard View have a few suggestions for your senior family member, whether they live in a seniors’ community or in their family home. These will keep everyone happy, healthy and living life. We hope you enjoy them too.

  • Help them to pay bills. Set them up online or go to the bank for them.
  • Pick up their groceries list.
    • Independent has a wonderful delivery service through CareBridge free to seniors.
  • Build them a pick up/ drop off box with your grand /kids.
  • Provide them with a device to face time.
  • Ask your family to send pictures and stories of your Mom/Dad or parents. Put together a photo album for them to look through and enjoy.
  • Drop off a care package like in college: deodorant, tooth paste, their favourite cookies or snack, milk, canned food, a funny picture, use your imagination.
  • Window Signal cards: Red means; help, Yellow means; need an errand run, Green means; we are ok!
  • Have the pharmacy put their medications in blister packs and delivery.
  • Create a physical challenge for each week. For example: walk around the house 4x/day or do a strength and balance exercises.
  • Create date nights for your parents: drop off dinner and a movie. Or find their favourite music on TV or drop off a CD they can play.
  • Ask them to name 4 things you; use to like to do, are most proud of, etc.
  • Have your grandchild interview them. Like they would do in school.
  • Ask your loved one to write instructions for those lost arts that our generation doesn’t do anymore: e. darn socks, tie knots, make bread by hand, preserves or pickles, build a fence,  sharpen a hand saw, etc.
  • Send them a letter in the mail. Include a scratch ticket in there if they like that.
  • Have each family member take turns calling them weekly to check in.
  • Have them write down their advanced care plan using the tool at
  • Ensure that they have their Will updated, and Power of Attorney’s for both health and financial in place and current.
  • Find out their charities of choice and make a donation in their name. Most charities will send a thank you and notification of your donation.
  • Drop off their favourite book, author, a new book of sudoku, jigsaw puzzles (come by and we will give you some!), crosswords, etc.
  • Get a family quiz going: If everyone is on email, messenger, text, group chats, send out a daily trivia question. Keep score if you want and the end of the week celebrate together through the app.
  • Plan out yard duty that will be coming soon enough. (I hope!)


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