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COVID Update from Orchard View and Public Health

July 16, 2020

Staying Still

As many of you are aware, the outside world is moving into Phase 3 which opens up things like; movie theatres, gyms, inside of restaurants, gathering of more people, etc. For the general public this is excellent news to be able to return a little more normalcy. Be able to walk around and go do things that we all did before.

At Orchard View, we look around the world for guidance as to what will happen as more people gather and more people are out and about. For the most part in part of the world, there is a spike in cases in the areas that re-open. We also look at Denmark where they opened the outside world to go about their business and maintained their senior communities in bubbles to protect them. They enjoyed success in minimizing COVID exposure.

With all that being said, we have agreed to hold with our current status in having you come into our home, watch the trends as the community open and re-evaluate in August to have our Residents leave the home.

We know that some of you wish the doors would open for free movement in and outside of the community, and others are strictly opposed to it. We thank you for your cooperation in holding still for 2 more weeks to


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