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Welcome to Orchard View by the Mississippi

Most people say that it’s the people that make the home, and at Orchard View by the Mississippi that is definitely part of our success and the comforts of our home. We are proud, dedicated and enthusiastic members of the Management Team. Let us introduce ourselves.


Erin Courtney- Executive Director

Erin comes to us with 15 years of experience in retirement from dishwasher, housekeeping, activities, marketing and acting general manager. Her focus is on making the lives of our seniors and our staff safe, fun and efficient. After a short stint with the government she returned to senior living because she was most at home with the seniors. She loves the variety of each day and the life lessons we learn from them. One that sticks with her and she lives by is “Do what you want now as your future is uncertain!” Because of this motto, she travels often to truly experience life. She has lived in Southeast Asia for a year, 9 months in South America, vacationed in Jordan, Egypt, Sri Lanka and many more.

When Erin is away from work, you will find her playing competitive ultimate frisbee, snowshoeing, cycling, traveling in remote destinations and enjoying life to it’s fullest.



Michael Morin – Activity Director

Michael Morin Activities Director at Orchard View by the MississippiMichael is a dynamic manager that helps to keep our residents and staff engaged and happy. Her attention has been with seniors and specialized in the engagement of those that live with Dementia. During her 9 years of working in Retirement Residence, she has a well-rounded understanding of seniors.

She has a keen eye and mind for details that put the finishing touches on everything she touches. Michael’s creativity, resourcefulness, organizational skill and energy sets the perfect stage for all the programs, activities and events that she fills our days and months with.

Michael grew up in the Ottawa & surrounding area.  Her husband Pat and young son Easton are often here helping out. Although Easton is only 1year old, he should does know his way around our home and residents.  Her love of animals is evident with the connections she has in bringing in a variety of animals to visit us. We have 3 sets of birds, visiting puppies and dogs, chickens, rabbits and our favourite the pot belly pig.  Besides her dogs, she loves spending time with her family, French fries and bursting into song at random times.

Lisa Ingram – Director of Care

Lisa Ingram, DOC at Orchard View

Lisa has been an RPN for 27 years. Lisa has experience in Long-Term Care, hospital, community care Retirement and as a primary caregiver, floor nurse, shift supervisor and Director of Care.

When not at work, Lisa can be found listening to music, watching movies, planning her halloween costume and enjoying time with family




Lisa Doering – Resident Care Coordinator

Lisa Doering, Resident Care Coordinator at Orchard View

Lisa has been a RPN for more than 30years. She has extensive experience in working with seniors in  Hospital, Emergency and Long Term Care home setting in the Ottawa Valley. Lisa is a facilitator of resources for care and services for the well-being of the resident and the families. She connects our residents with the LIHN, PT, OT, Geriatric Psych. Lisa has developed a strong network of people and resources to support the ever-changing needs of our residents. Her dedication to being the best drives those around her.

When not engaging with families and our residents, Lisa loves to be in the outdoors, canoeing through nature and finishing her day with a bonfire, a good book and her cat.



Joe Demeis – Environmental Services Manager

Joe Demeis, environmental services at orchard view by the Mississippi

Joe has worked with Joe Princiotta for many years and decided to rejoin the team in 2020. Joe has worked in the industry for  He has knowledge of both commercial and residential standards. He focuses on ensuring the integrity of the home and the happiness and safety of the residents and staff.

When he is not at work, you will find him spending time with his parents, family watching the Leafs and some football. Joe never misses an opportunity to help, make things right and enjoy a great glass of wine with friends.




Lana Windsor – Office Manager

Lana Windsor Office Manager at Orchard View by the MississippiLana comes with 40 years of administrative experience that ranges from human resources, billing, customer care and so much more. Her attention to detail provides us with reassurance that all her projects are accurate and well researches. She connects well with residents and loves listening to their stories. Lana has a heart of gold and always seeks the best for our Residents and their family members.

Lana has found a new love of clamping with her family, doing crafts with her grandchildren. She is a wizard on her cricket and helps us to create beautiful pieces for our home.


Shannon Smith – Dietary Director

Shannon Smith Orchard View by the Mississippi

Shannon has worked in a managerial position in food and beverage for over 30 years. In hotels, resorts, restaurants and her own business, On the Go concierge. She has planned many festivals, including Coors Light games, spartan games and concerts. Of all the famous people she met her favourite is Tom Poston. Shannon loves working with our residents to provide the best meal options for them. She says “This is the toughest generation so far and the lessons I have learned from them are thought provoking and inspiring. This position over all the others has allowed her to develop friendships and connection with our residents.

Shannon originates from Toronto making her a true Maple Leaf’s fan. When she isn’t at work, she will be spending time with friends’ treasure hunting, playing golf or going away for the weekends. Her two children love to spend time with their Mom and her dog Bella.


Julie Munro – Marketing Director

Julie Munro Marketing Director at Orchard View by the MississippiJulie comes with 25 years of experience working with seniors, customer service and telecommunication. Julie has the passion for always making things better. Should that be in a residents’ life, with staff member or even in the operational side of OVM. She can multi-task and can wear numerous hats with poise and enthusiasm. Julie was the first addition to the OVM  and being an Almontonian, Julie has knowledge and personal resources to help in any situation. She is passionate about helping seniors and their families receive the support that they need and want. Julie works with the team and the families to ensure that the transition to a new home is smooth.

On her off time, she is the Vice Chair of the AGH-FVM Foundation Board. You will find her at hockey rinks around Ontario or sitting by a fire and enjoying the outdoors. Julie can never turn down the change to dance, a good joke or decorating for season. Her specialty is bows.





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