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New Family Member

January 4, 2022

When you walk into Orchard View for the first time, you are taken aback by the beauty and tranquility of the pond and music playing in the background. The open atrium and natural light bring you energy and a feeling of room to live. When you look down over the walls, you are mesmerized by the movement of the koi. It’s a wonderful cross between a 5 star resort and a comfortable happy home. I look forward to visiting my Dad when he comes to live here.

A Prospective Resident ~ ER

January 4, 2022

I can’t get over how beautiful and peaceful you feel when you alk through the doors. It’s warm and welcoming, active but calm. It feels like home from the moment you meet the first person.

I also really like that living her takes away all the “crap” and fills it with something that is fulfilling and meaningful. Sounds like a great place to me.

Resident ~ Gail Robinson

November 4, 2021

After losing my husband in January 2021, plus living alone for 7 years with limited visits to my husband due to covid restrictions at Fairview Manor, the lonliness and depression really took their toll on my health. I sold my house and with the help of Julie Munro and staff I moved into Orchard View. Having done that, I have not looked back. Everyone has been so helpful and kind and patient with me. I have made friends and am able to laugh again. My one problem is that the amount of food they feed me here may cause weight gain.

Resident ~ Don McLeod

October 4, 2021

In 2003 I was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. I started on my search for what I had in my power to delay the early onset of HD. I needed to get up each day with purpose. I walk, I talk, I engage, I eat balanced meals, I look to make others lives better as well as my own. Since I moved into OVM, the purpose-built, enriching environment has helped me maintain these practices and held HD off in order to focus on more important things in my life. Thank you Orchard View.

Family Member- Margaret Dunn

July 21, 2021

When my mother, Marie Dunn, heard there was a retirement home to open in Almonte, she was excited: “I always said this is just what the town needs”.  She moved in in November 2016.

She was proud of the beautification inside and raved about the poinsettias in the atrium at Christmas. She enjoyed arranging displays of artwork by residents in the exhibit space on the second floor.

When mom’s health declined in June, Orchard View stepped in with palliative care services.  This meant her family could remain by her side in her cherished suite to the end of her journey.  All OVM staff showed compassion and caring in those difficult days, which was a great comfort to the family.


Staff ~ Kaitland Comerford

June 20, 2021

Orchard view by the Mississippi has been a part of my life for almost 5 years now. I have worn many hats while working here; Reception, dietary, housekeeping and now recreation. Orchard View isn’t only a job to me, it is an opportunity to grow in work and life. Many residents don’t see me as just an employee, but a person that has been on the journey with them. I enjoy coming to work because not only am I doing something I love but the people I do it for are so appreciative. They might not all be able to tell me but the smile on their face does. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to grow here at Orchard View.

Resident ~ Ken and Jean Church

June 15, 2021


This place is great! I look around each day and think how fabulous the staff are. They will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. The nursing staff take such good care of you, the management are easy to talk to and are always around…. I just don’t know where to stop with the wonders of our new home.

Family Member ~ Brenda Johnston

May 15, 2021

I could write a lot about how pleased we are with the whole Orchard View experience. You and your team have been amazing. Moving was not easy and dealing with pandemic also does not help. My parents are so happy and call Orchard View home.

My parents recently moved into Orchard View by the Mississippi and they are beyond amazed thus far! The care they receive (the staff are amazing) the planned activities and great tasting meals have all made the moving transition much easier! Orchard View also excels with family communication, always keeping us up to date. We are very glad we chose Or-chard View by the Mississippi and highly recommend it to anyone looking into Retirement Living!

Resident ~ Helga Henning

April 15, 2021

A place to call home among friends and dedicated staff. They have worked tirelessly in keep-ing us safe and happy during this covid time. They create special events for us to enjoy and keep up the morale. Our Mother’s Day was so special and it warmed out hearts.

Staff ~ Heather Yankoo

March 27, 2021

I feel very lucky everyday when I get to come into work. I get to see all the Residents and staff that I have grown close to in the year that I have worked here. We have a saying here that we are the Orchard View family and it really does feel that way. We help each other, we care for each other and we look after each other. This is really special to be able to come to work and feel that way.

Staff ~ Elijah Phillips

January 4, 2021

I absolutely enjoy working at Orchard View by the Mississippi! The teamwork, the residents and the support from the management are just a few reasons why I chose to come to work here! I have worked in many other homes, and this is my favourite by far!

Resident ~ Iona Rowe

November 16, 2020

Living at Orchard View is a wonderful experience.

I am always kept occupied and happy with all the enjoyable functions including musical entertainment and delicious meals.

The most enjoyable of all is the wonderful staff who treat us all the with kindness and respect.

Family Member ~ John de Morest

October 19, 2020

Thank you and Orchard View by the Mississippi for making these last three and half years fun and safe for my Mom. It’s the best place anybody can hope to be.

Resident ~ Diane Uniac

September 15, 2020

It all began this past Christmas while visiting my son Mark . I hail from Stratford Ontario where I lived all my life. At Christmas the  subject came up about me transferring up to this area. I was sold on Orchard Views reputation  from the very start although it was a very difficult decision to make, I  have arrived from driving my own car and living independently but the chance to move and live near my son was a selling point. It was explained to me what a wonderful place to live out my days . To discuss the upheaval of moving  was a difficult one is putting it mildly but I have to say it was the right decision. Unfortunately I had to wait several months to get in here due to covid but that is .all behind me now . I just love living here. From the very first day  I arrived I knew it was the right decision . Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I enjoy people and try to partake in a number of activities . I play bridge , euchre, go to exercises , try to walk a bit and my favourite pastime in the nice weather is going out to the gazebo and do my hobby  of adult colouring books . Often someone will arrive while I am there and we love to chat. Also the movie theatre is a big draw for me , I don’t miss many movies. I love my unit and was able to transfer most of my furniture  here . It is especially pleasant to go to the dining room and be waited on. I feel like a queen  . I know from being told that the activities due to covin are limited from before all the  pandemic but we are all pretty lucky to have such wonderful staff to take care of us. I can hardly wait till I can enjoy all the wonderful things I am told to look forward to in the future. Now I am content and happy and have a dentist, doctor , eye Dr. So all is good. And my beautiful son now is 10 minutes from me as opposed to a 6 hour drive. I hope to have many years of happiness and contentment at Orchard View , From a very happy and contented person.

OVM Family Member

September 8, 2020

I just wanted to let you know how reassuring I find the steps that Orchard View is taking to keep the residents safe during this crisis, and how much I appreciate your commitment to keeping us informed about the changes. I’m sure that not all the feedback is positive, but what I see is a very prudent, measured response to a situation that seems to change hour by hour. I am grateful for the way the management and staff at Orchard View have taken action to maintain a safe environment, while still making every effort to maintain the residents’ quality of life. I feel sure that I speak for the majority of the Orchard View families when I say that you have earned our trust and our gratitude!

Family of Roberta D

September 8, 2020

Thanks for the care you and the team provided Roberta over the past 4 years. Even on the gloomiest days, whether rain or snow, I was always greeted by the friendly person at the the front desk sitting in front of the “Las Vegas style” foyer. Roberta was always happy and felt her care was second to none which, of course, it was. Our Thursday outings were the highlight of my week and she always looked forward to getting back to her “home” at 219 Paterson st. We so enjoyed the festive events that were staged and of course everyone was always dressed for the occasion. All the best to you and the amazing staff at Orchard View and continued success!

Personal Support Worker

June 5, 2020

I was in tech sales for many years and was miserable. One day I came across the Orchard View by the Mississippi’s PSW training program.  They supported me throughout the training and hired me immediately upon graduation. I am happy to work for a company where I see my work making a difference. Orchard View by the Mississippi allowed me to take control of my development and follow my own career path.

Dining Room Server

June 5, 2020

I wanted a career rather than a job so I came to Orchard View by the Mississippi. I work with a fantastic team in a family environment and together we make a difference in lives of our residents. I look forward to going to work everyday.


June 5, 2020

Everyone here is committed to a common goal and we all work together and help one another achieve it.  Our team is one big happy family and it makes for a great work atmosphere. We are all dedicated to making Orchard View by the Mississippi a place where our residents blossom.

Dining Room Manager

June 5, 2020

The vision and values of the company plus the chance to make a difference in people’s health and well being is what inspired me to work at Orchard View by the Mississippi. This is a home full of genuine, caring and dedicated team members who truly love what they do.




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