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Jim & Anne Scrimgeour

July 16, 2018

With some apprehension we entered the OVM atrium with its pond, flora and towering central core that extends four floors. A fabulous start. From there we became aware of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that appeared to exist throughout, form both staff and residents.

From then the food, services, activities and general “good feeling” have convinced us that our choice of new home was correct.

Madeleine Finner

May 9, 2018

My Mother had lived in her own home for over 60 years, and she was reluctant to leave it behind. After a trial stay of only a few days, she knew that Orchard View was where she wanted to be. Now, a year later, Orchard View is home. Always independent and involved, she has become an active member of the Orchard View community. When she counts her blessings, as she often does, her comfortable suite, the caring and accommodating staff, the fine meals, and the many and varied activities all appear on her list. The move to Orchard View was life-changing for my mother, and she and her children have no doubt that it was the right one.

Patti Koeslag – Partner

May 9, 2018

As a celebrant and a visitor to Orchard View by the Mississippi, I am always touched by the friendships witnessed between the people who live there, as well as between the residents and the staff. There is always something to do and the welcome is warm and sincere from the moment you step through the front doors with the beautiful atrium and its pond, fauna and fountain. Everyone I have invited with me on visits has been impressed as well with positive atmosphere and beautiful space – a true community where there are friends, activities, animals and entertainment, spaces for meeting others and lovely apartments and rooms. Congratulations to Orchard View – I have seen many retirement residences and yours has set the bar high for what senior living can look like!

Nigel Mortimer – Family

May 9, 2018

I want to thank the wonderful nursing staff at Orchard View for the fantastic care they have given my mother, Beryl, this winter. Without their care I am sure that Mum would not be as well as she is. While she was ill, the staff instantly got her to the Almonte General Hospital quickly, where she was treated within minutes.

Thanks to all the staff. Mum absolutely adores her home.

Terri Clarke – Friend

October 27, 2017

I love to come in and visit my friend and see her involved in activities that she enjoys. She is so much happier, safer and she loves the food. I have brought my granddaughter to visit and she loves visiting with the animals and our friend at the same time.

Karen (Pike) Smith – Employee

October 27, 2017

Our Family has lived in Almonte, the Friendly Town for over 40 years and because we were in business; I had the opportunity as a young girl to meet many of the local customers, who are now residents of Orchard View.

My job satisfaction comes from connecting and helping residents of Orchard View. If I can bring a smile to a residents face, or help solve an issue for a resident, I get a great deal of job satisfaction.

I also get job satisfaction from the passion of the rest of the Orchard View management and employee team. The common desire to help residents have an extraordinary stay serves as goals to all employees.

Lynda Levesque -Family Member

October 27, 2017

Congratulations to you and all the wonderful staff at Orchard View…and a great big thank you for making my Mother feel so welcome. Mom could not be happier…she has blossomed once again…made so many wonderful friends at OV, residents and staff combined.  She has maintained her independence and feels very safe and secure in her private apartment and the resort style living offered in the very beautiful surroundings and amenities offered at Orchard View. She is very proud to call OV her home and we are pleased to see her thriving. Congrats on the first anniversary of Orchard View by the Mississippi; wishing all of you continuing success in the future.

Orchard View by the Mississippi Resident

April 25, 2017

Change is always difficult, but the wonderful, kind-hearted staff have made the adjustment to our new home quite easy. Everyone, from the kitchen staff to the PSWs, housekeeping, the front desk and maintenance, have been so accommodating and personable. When we need help, we just ask and it is done with a smile and such a positive attitude.  We enjoy the music, movies, entertainment and other activities. But, our favorite these days is watching the fish from the second or third floor where you get a good overview of the fabulous pond and the “goings on’ of the day.  Happy Hour on Friday afternoon is an important part of the week.  We meet with other seniors and reminisce about the past and discuss the present. We have such peace of mind that our family knows we are safe and happy in our new home.

Nat Dalton – Family Member

March 29, 2017

When I was in high school, we were told that our baby boomer parents were expected to live well into their seventies and we genXers would be a “sandwich” generation, caring for our senior parents and our own small kids at the same time.

In reality, many of us became a “club sandwich” generation with four layers; small kids, senior parents and elderly grandparents to balance, while managing our own full time careers. We are overworked and richly lucky, blessed and stressed.

In my family’s case we have three senior parents, an eight year old son, and two grandmothers aged 89 and 95.
Until recently, the “younger” Grandmother lived in Kingston and we visited at least every second weekend. She had difficulties but they were not too serious. Until they were, She deteriorated at a blistering pace. In a matter of days it became an emergency situation and we called on Orchard
View. Within 48 hours we experienced extraordinary service and support from more than half a dozen staff who created a respite care space and all the supports and services to go with it. Though they were from variety of specialties, they had many things in common: they were extremely
professional, highly competent, compassionate and dedicated. Each person communicated clearly with every other. Many people came in on their days off and worked extra hours beyond their shifts but none ever rushed us. They were flexible. They heard and retained everything we told them. They problem-solved.

We could not be happier than to have both Grandmas in Orchard View. You will see us there often, sometimes our whole family, kid and dog included.
We will be the ones who say “thank you” to every staff person we see, because we just can’t say it enough.

Marie Risch – Respite Resident

December 14, 2016

My friends are constantly asking what it is like to live at Orchard View….the best answer I can think of is threefold…..

 1  it is like living in a palace, without any of the duties attached to it.

2 it is like living in a 5 star hotel, with all the amenities 

3 it is like living aboard a luxury cruise ship, with all the wonderful atmosphere, everybody knows your name, all the services are available to 

you should you wish them……

Jennifer LaRocque – Family Member

December 7, 2016

…”I used to think no one would be able to look after my mother as well as we could but now I’m not so sure.   It takes a team of dedicated, caring individuals to provide around the clock care and that’s something few families can accommodate regardless of how much they want to and how hard they try.  I believe we’ve found that team at OV.”

Margaret B – Resident

October 17, 2016

I’m so happy to be returning home to Ramsay township to live. My days are filled with fun & lively things to do. I’m surrounded by my friends and we all have healthy & delicious food, a clean place to live and the staff are here to help us with every need. It’s just great. – Margaret Duncan Brunton

Kirk R – Resident

March 12, 2016

The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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