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Resident ~ Diane Uniac

September 15, 2020
It all began this past Christmas while visiting my son Mark . I hail from Stratford Ontario where I lived all my life. At Christmas the  subject came up about me transferring up to this area. I was sold on Orchard Views reputation  from the very start although it was a very difficult decision to make, I  have arrived from driving my own car and living independently but the chance to move and live near my son was a selling point. It was explained to me what a wonderful place to live out my days . To discuss the upheaval of moving  was a difficult one is putting it mildly but I have to say it was the right decision. Unfortunately I had to wait several months to get in here due to covid but that is .all behind me now . I just love living here. From the very first day  I arrived I knew it was the right decision . Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I enjoy people and try to partake in a number of activities . I play bridge , euchre, go to exercises , try to walk a bit and my favourite pastime in the nice weather is going out to the gazebo and do my hobby  of adult colouring books . Often someone will arrive while I am there and we love to chat. Also the movie theatre is a big draw for me , I don’t miss many movies. I love my unit and was able to transfer most of my furniture  here . It is especially pleasant to go to the dining room and be waited on. I feel like a queen  . I know from being told that the activities due to covin are limited from before all the  pandemic but we are all pretty lucky to have such wonderful staff to take care of us. I can hardly wait till I can enjoy all the wonderful things I am told to look forward to in the future. Now I am content and happy and have a dentist, doctor , eye Dr. So all is good. And my beautiful son now is 10 minutes from me as opposed to a 6 hour drive. I hope to have many years of happiness and contentment at Orchard View , From a very happy and contented person.

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