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Living with Dementia Program – “A Day in the Life Concept”

November 3, 2017

“See the person beyond the condition”    “Recognizing that a diagnosis of dementia doesn’t rob someone of their individuality or their feelings goes a long way towards respecting and engaging people with this disease and preserving their identity.” These are the goals of the Alzheimer society in their #stillhere campaign.


These two statements are how “A DAY IN THE LIFE” concept was born at Orchard View by the Mississippi.  With the opportunity to take the teams’ experience & best practices, Lisa Doering spearheaded the Memory Living program.


A”day in the life”: is how our residents live.  Based on their routine, their likes, their interests and opportunities to do new things in our 10 activity stations, allowing them to engage with staff, family and their neighbours to bring a new purpose to their days.


“We know that our residents have so much more to give, but their ability to communicate and remember all the details is not always fluid.  So we provide props, activities and a trusting environment to enable them to share with us.  We recognize times of anxiety and are patient to allow them to move through their feelings. Understanding No means No, patience, redirection and a different approach is taken to accomplish what all of us want for their loved ones. RESPECT.  At the end of the day, if their needs are met and they have a smile on their face, we know we have done a good job” (they are people not the disease)

Another step in moving into our memory living residence, is that we recognize that it is a transition for the whole family and we provide support and open communications with them. We sit with them and gather information about Mom or Dad’s likes, dislikes, as well as triggers to make the transition a smooth one. This enables us to anticipate needs and to create a care plan that anticipate the behaviours before they surface.  Families are as involved as they would like.  With the knowledge & the peace of mind of knowing that we care for them with the love and patience on a 24/7 basis, the caregiver regains the role of spouse, daughter, son.


Our “day in the life” concept provide soft structure that adjusts with the mood of the day. We establish a supportive environment that assists with their challenges and encourages their independence to thrive again, not just exist.  We all know there are days that going for a walk is too much effort, but sitting and enjoy a coffee while watching the ducks swim and entertain us is a great substitute.


One of our family members said it best…” I used to think no one would be able to look after my mother as well as we could but now I’m not so sure.   It takes a team of dedicated, caring individuals to provide around the clock care and that’s something few families can accommodate regardless of how much they want to and how hard they try.  I believe we’ve found that team at OV.”

To experience our program, please contact Orchard View by the Mississippi and ask for the Marketing Director.


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